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gift bliss basket

6322995_xxlWondering about the friend who is due soon and her baby shower is fast approaching? Is it too late to give her bliss? Of course not, a baby shower is the perfect opportunity to put together a bliss basket. A bliss basket contains a gift from each symbol and is a fun way to introduce the new tradition. (If you’re new to the concept yourself, you can read more here) Plus, I always feel like gift baskets give the recipient a little more bang for her buck!

Fill a basket or stylish container of your choosing with all seven bliss symbols and give it at the shower. I like to be sure my ‘basket’ doubles as the wood or cotton gift. For example, fill your wood diaper caddy with a cotton swaddle blanket, baby lotion, a miniature photo frame, a silver coin bank, and a pile of homemade chocolate chip cookies for the food symbol. The guide to bliss makes a perfect paper gift to share the background of the tradition with the expectant mom. If you want to skip the shameless promotion of my book you can find a bunch of clever paper gift ideas here. And, viola, you have a wow-factor gift to present your friend.



Baby showers are a great way to share the gift bliss tradition with family and friends.


Here’s a set of free printable gift bliss tags to make your basket complete! Go ahead and drag them onto your desktop, print on card stock, cut and attach to each gift!

gift bliss free printables


































I hope you enjoy the freebie! For more gift ideas feel free to visit our gift bliss Pinterest boards.

What will you put in a bliss basket?