10 year momiversary


There’s nothing like becoming a mom for the first time! It’s magical and demanding and surprising and exhausting all at once. I’ve been a mom for almost a decade now, (hard to believe) and as I reflect back on that long journey from the birth of my first baby to my current toddler in training I realize just how much I’ve changed and how much I’ve learned. Inspired by a local group of moms and in honor of mother’s day …


30 things I’ve learned since becoming a mom




  1. I can recite by heart several children’s books
  2. I’ve learned how to talk a fearful child off a ledge, out of a car or into a pool.
  3. I have bionic hearing
  4. But I can also focus like a laser & block out the sound of crying, fighting or screaming
  5. I’ve learned to laugh at myself and not take life too seriously
  6. That being a kid is fun
  7. That being a kid is hard
  8. I’ve learned to clean up a living room from trashed to tidy in 5 minutes flat
  9. I can sleep sitting up
  10. I’ve learned that dad’s aren’t moms and that’s a good thing
  11. That reheated coffee tastes just fine
  12. How to deal with & teach to different learning styles
  13. I can do almost anything with one hand
  14. I’ve learned that 8 yr old boys can be very annoying but still lovable
  15. It doesn’t take much to be a hero for a day in your child’s eyes
  16. I have lightning fast reflexes
  17. I’ve learned that date night is of paramount importance
  18. To embrace chaos
  19. That every cliché rings true when you’re a mom
  20. That teaching a baby to climb the stairs is very boring but also very important
  21. I’ve learned how to make the perfect crepes
  22. And that you can’t take too many pictures of a three-year old
  23. I’ve rediscovered the value of time spent alone to recharge
  24. To get what I get and not throw a fit
  25. I’ve learned that I can function like a pro on minimal sleep
  26. That variety is the spice of life
  27. That you need a team to raise a child
  28. I’ve learned how to nurture and serve others and enjoy it
  29. How to be proud and humble at the same time
  30. And finally, to have grace for other moms, especially my own!


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