book launch party

Thank you to friends, family and bliss fans who joined us for an evening of sharing and celebrating the publication of my little guide-book. I was so delighted to see family from far away walk through the door! Paper Delights was the perfect host and I think we all found something we needed from their beautiful selection of cards and gifts.

Alicia Olson’s bliss merchandise display delivered the perfect example of how bliss can partner with baby retail shops. Local shop owners were able to see more clearly how the new tradition of bliss symbols for pregnancy can actually promote the baby goods they already offer. A bliss display can elevate the baby section of any gift shop.

I wanted to toast several of the people who helped make my vision come to life. To Peter, my soul mate, for giving me three babies and for your support throughout my writing, designing and self-publishing ups & downs. To my mom, Debbie Kellogg, an inspiring writer and in this case my editor. Special thanks, to Alison Ashmead and Gretchen Cook, graphic design friends who offered critiques and advice and without whom this book would not be nearly as lovely. Thank you to Arlene Brown of Brown Foto Bug for the gorgeous photographs of the evening (seriously, call her for your next event). And to my dear group of girlfriends, you are a constant source of support and encouragement.




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