aboutHava Skovron is the author, founder, and shameless promoter of gift bliss.

She has had a lifelong obsession with gift giving, design and cultivating friendships. She originally envisioned bliss over a decade ago and has spread the word ever since.

Her passion for the new tradition grew after experiencing the indignities of pregnancy herself. Hava’s hope in sharing bliss is that families everywhere will make the custom their own and celebrate the milestone of pregnancy and the gift of new life.

Throughout her career, which has taken her from the staffing department of a national bank, to a boutique investment firm, to owning her own small design business she has proven herself as a leader and a valuable business partner. With over a decade of professional experience, she brings a balance of business savvy and creative energy to everything she touches.

Hava is a mother of three, avid volunteer, NPR junkie and Husky football fan. She resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and babies.

Hava is available to share her story with your group or association. Here’s what women are saying about her as a speaker.


“Having Hava come speak to our MOPS group was a meeting we won’t forget. She not only encouraged our moms with stories about motherhood but related to us on a personal level and empowered us to be ourselves, bravely. She recognized the blessings and hardships we each face as moms.

As she spoke about her book Bliss, we could all relate to the importance of walking along side each other in this incredible journey of pregnancy by being intentional and caring. What a great reminder! We hope to have Hava come again in the future and highly recommend her to anyone looking for an inspiring guest speaker!”

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“Our guest speaker this morning (Hava) was so inspiring. The stories about her family made me feel empowered, like what I am doing matters.”



“Fabulous Speaker today! Thank you for finding her.”