early birds

19063823_xxlI wish I was a morning person. I’m not. I like to stay up late and I’m not in my right mind until I’ve had my morning coffee.

A few days ago, my two youngest both woke me, consecutively, in the night. How is it that siblings know when you’re just starting to fall back asleep from helping the other? I was pretty annoyed. I was particularly tired that night and they are both well past that night waking stage. It made me think about all the times I’ve woken with my babies through the years. Somehow, that isn’t annoying to me, it’s just part of the package deal of having an infant and I did it willingly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exhausting but somehow I have grace for that season and I know it will pass. 

I was looking through a long list of notes I keep and I came upon something I scribbled down when my youngest child was about six months old. And I thought I’d share…

I woke one morning, early, maybe 4am to feed my baby girl. She is a great sleeper (knock on wood). I could hear birds chirping when I got back in bed. In fact, it was quite a ruckus, hard to fall back to sleep it was so loud. I thought to myself that those early birds were feeding their darling little babies just like I was. What an amazing bond to nature and fertility I feel when I have a baby. 


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