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securedownloadWhy are dad’s so hard to buy for? Most of the men in my life don’t like a big deal made of them but it’s still important to show your husband, your own dad, pops, daddy, or grandpa your love and appreciation. So here are a few bright ideas for Father’s Day gifts he doesn’t even know he wants!

When I was a child my grandparents had a grocery list very much like the one in this picture. Every time I was at their house, and I mean EVERY time, I would steal a moment and write my name on it. Actually, I always wrote the same thing, “Hava was here”.

I had the pleasure of introducing my grandparents to my first two children and the times that the three generations spent together where always special. A few years ago, before he passed, my grandfather was at my house and wrote on my chalk board. Can you guess what he wrote?  I left his “Grandpa was here” handwritten message on the board for a long time and did my best to erase around it. After a while it became very difficult to part with his little scribble. Before I erased it I took a photo (that I can’t currently find). It’s amazing how meaningful our loved ones handwriting can be. That’s part of why I love this first Father’s Day gift idea.

get sentimental

As usual, ETSY.COM is an amazing resource for creative gift ideas. There are many metal artists who offer custom handwriting engraved in jewelry, key chains, guitar pics and even fishing lures. It may be a little late to get this gift delived for next Sunday but I bet if you give him an extra hug or a phone call on the actual day he won’t mind receiving a late gift, delivered by mail!



date night

I always knew dating my husband was fun and important but after our third child really started talking, I mean incessently, the concept of ‘date night’ quickly became a priority. Whether it’s a drink and trivia night at your favorite bar, a long walk, or a dinner out, the main point is to reconnect and get the chance to have uninterrupted conversation. Plan a date night for your baby-daddy (or a few months of pre-paid date night plans, a Pinteresting idea found HERE) and remind him why you had kids in the first place!



dapper dad

A subscription to Birchbox is the perfect gift for the dad with timeless style, you know, the man who always looks great and likes to keep you on your toes. Here’s your chance to get ahead of the curve and have a box of classy gadgets and made for men styling products delivered to him monthly. At BIRCHBOX choose 3, 6 or 12 months of style for the man who always spoils you.





mountain man

If your dad or husband participates in Movember every fall, this may be the gift for him. The BEARDO is the original stocking cap with a knit beard attached. Perfect for skiing, east coast winters or just something humous to wear to the ball game. Dad will get rave reviews whenever he sports his beardo around town.



minimalist tech

We love this EYN iphone case/wallet for the dad who has it all and likes to keep his stuff streamline. The case is made of a durable rubber for a manly grip and comes in a variety of colors and we found it on the hip website shopvault.com, check it out!

big kid

Does your husband shed his monkey suit in the evenings and get down on the floor to build legos with the kids? Yep, I know the type! We think he’ll love these accessories that give a wink to his moonlighting activities. Once again we found them at SHOPVAULT.COM.

lego cuffs


day off

Sometimes the best thing to do for a hardworking dad is to just give him the day off. Send him off with a couple of buddies or if he’s the type to recharge alone, send him off with fishing pole in hand and tell him not to come home till dinner time! Making his favoritre dinner would be a good bonus!

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