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This summer almost every discussion I’ve had with a group of moms has led to the topic of health and ‘what we’re putting in (or on) our kid’s bodies’. It’s not a new subject but with chemicals invading most products these days, our kids overall health is one of the heavy responsibilities of parenthood and it’s hard to feel confident that we’re always doing right by them. As soon as a woman finds out she’s pregnant she becomes hyper aware that her actions and habits affect her child. And I think every pregnancy is a chance to recommit to health.

So when a mama comes upon clever tips, brands or products that she feels good about, she has to spread the word. A local mom recently told me about a product line called Healthy Home and actually gave me a few products to sample.

IMG_3922These products have a list of ingredients that are NOT included that’s almost as long as what IS. My kid’s love the FOAMING BABY WASH. Bath time is one of the great joys of young childhood and the foaming wash helps little hands learn to wash themselves, plus it’s just fun.

The CHEWABLE MULTI-VITAMIN for children has a kid approved good taste and includes several premium ingredients you will not find in the drugstore brands. And one of the coolest things about Healthy Home products is that you can look up all the ingredients, manufacturing methods or any other question for each product on their website

One of my personal favorites is the HOME AND HAND SANITIZER. I avoid alcohol-based sanitizer so I like that this one uses chlorine dioxide (stabilized oxygen). The one ounce size is perfect to throw in the purse and I’ve used it all summer on my kid’s hands after using questionable toilets at parks and sports arenas.




Healthy Home offers an annual membership for $14.95 a year which gives you wholesale prices! If you’re not ready to make a membership commitment you can order through a local representative, mostly moms in your area.

If you’re searching for a convenient way to keep your home truly clean and healthy take a look at Healthy Home.



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