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Mother’s Day is just a week away. If you haven’t figured out your plans you better get started and gift bliss is here to help! We’ve put together a list of sure-fire gifts to please the mom (or moms) on your list. And as always, we make it easy to gift. If possible we have provided a link to the shopping source (just click on the photo)!



long distance mom

If you’re going to go with a classic bouquet of flowers the trick is to make it personal and public. Every women loves to receive flowers at work, it’s a public display of love and affection. Flowers are a good choice if mom lives far away and you won’t be able to spend the day together.

The best way to deliver a personal bouquet is to skip the FTD route and seek out an independent florist in her area. Also, skip the roses, they are over-priced and too generic. Call the florist yourself and ask what’s in season, what they have on hand that’s beautiful and will last. They are the experts and they’ll be happy to give advice. Be sure the filler flowers are something modern like eucalyptus rather than baby’s breath and you know you have a good florist.

Make the note personal, add an inside joke or tell her something you don’t say often enough.

If you put a little extra thought into it, an ordinary bouquet of flowers can become the visual symbol of love it’s meant to be. Mom will be blown away by your thoughtfulness!


breakfast in bed

Another classic is made intimate by dad and the kids. Every hard-working mom should get breakfast served in bed on occasion. Let mom sleep in a bit while you cook and prepare a lovely tray. Remember a small vase of flowers and the kid-made cards! After the loving delivery and once mom has read cards and doled out kisses

leave her alone to sip coffee and savor your culinary creations in peace.

The best thing about this gift is that you don’t need much of a budget to give mom a taste of luxury! (click on the beautiful photo below and discover a clever recipe for egg in the hole toast served up by a cup of mai)





















daughter to mom

My latest gift discovery has a much longer shelf life than cut flowers. Birch Box is an online beauty store with the brilliant idea of a monthly samples subscription, customizable to each woman’s wants and needs.

Mother’s Day will last all year as she receives her little box of goodies in the mail each month.

It’s an amazing bargain at just $10 a month and at that price you may be tempted to buy one for yourself too! Don’t be deterred if you end up on the waiting list. Click on the women’s subscription and if they say you have to wait, no worries, it’s just like giving any subscription. Include a picture of a birch box inside the card to mom, explaining what she can expect to receive, and give her a bottle of nail polish or other favorite beauty product with the card as the symbol of the upcoming gift. Then when Birch Box contacts you that your subscription is ready sign her up!

daddy to mommy

Ok daddies, listen up! You can’t go wrong with thoughtful jewelery for your baby-mama as long as you pay attention to her style. Buy what she actually wears, don’t waste money on a bracelet if she never wears them. Also, take note if she wears silver or gold tones (some women mix and match which will make your job easier). Here are my favorites for mother’s day whether she’s given you a nest full of babies or just that first little heir. Baby’s initials in tiny letters or the number of kids she is raising are especially popular with young moms.

Check out for the best customized, hand-made jewelry on the web.























foodie mom

Mom’s job usually requires a lot of time in the kitchen and for those who have made a passion out of this daily task here’s the perfect gift. There is a huge selection of customizable cutting boards on The beautiful wood can be etched with a meaningful quote or cut into the shape of her favorite state or city. Mom will keep & use this quality gift for years to come.



day off

You know your wife is in the ‘trenches’ of motherhood if she wakes up with kids during the night, is potty training or changes more than 10 diapers a day. The gift of actual free time alone is the very best gift you can give this exhausted mommy, give her the day off! She may resist the idea at first but that’s just mom guilt kicking in about not spending mother’s day with her offspring. If you insist that you’ve got things covered on the home front and give her the freedom to pamper herself a bit she will thank you in the end.

You can even go the extra mile by scheduling a few services at a local spa.

Days like this are few and far between and she will remember your generosity for a long time.


Spa and Wellness

get active

Sometimes an experience is more valuable than any other gift you can give. A day together outside bike riding, hiking, or playing at a park makes for a memorable experience on mother’s day. Be sure to pack a picnic lunch and snap a few pictures with mom with her kiddos to secure the memory.





A gift is a visual symbol of love, so however you choose to honor the mom(s) in your life this Mother’s Day be sure to let her know how much you love and appriciate all the things she is and all the things she does for everyone else.

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