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I’m writing this blog to promote my recently released book, Bliss: A guide to unique gift-giving for the expectant mom.

During the process of writing, designing and publishing my first book I have determined that nothing worthwhile is done alone. So my first few posts here will include shout-outs to the many people who helped along the way. Thank you to the always inspiring KUOW radio and Ross Reynolds at The Conversation for interviewing Chris Guillebeau, his book was the jumping off point for my own.

When I first set out to write a book about the concept of bliss I’m pretty sure a few of my friends had their doubts that my very simple idea could possibly fill up a book.

Bliss is a basic concept; it takes about a paragraph to explain. In a sentence, bliss is a series of gifts given during pregnancy. So why write a book?

Well, I figure that a guide is the first step to sharing my idea with the world. I’d love to see bliss spread far and wide and become a tradition as popular as a baby shower. I also wanted to stop sitting on my hands and do something with this original idea I came up with over a decade ago.

The bliss story started eleven years (and 9 months) ago when the first pregnancy was announced in our large and generous family. We were all excited about celebrating this new life. In anticipation of many more babies to come, I knew I wanted to find a special way to mark the occasion each time. And just like that bliss was conceived.

Every time I shared my idea with a new person they would tell me I should do something with it. So one spring day while listening to an NPR program about people who had found success I decided I’d try the formula that the interviewed author was suggesting. These were the three steps:


+ USE EXPERTISE YOU ALREADY HAVE (meaning no research)

+ DO IT IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME (30-90 days, which translated means stop over-thinking it, which I am very guilty of, and just move forward)

+ DO IT ON THE CHEAP (not much more than $100)


So I started writing the guide to bliss. At first I wasn’t even sure how to write it but the words just came flowing out. Turns out I know a lot about being pregnant, having been through the magical, emotional and sometimes undignified experience three times now (but that’s a whole other post).

I also seem to have a knack for finding great gifts. I often get a message from a friend who is stumped for a gift idea, and somehow that’s part of the information my brain stores away. Some of my friends still have all their multiplication tables from elementary school cemented up there or the ability to transform random items in their panty into a delicious meals. Well, I have gift ideas, creative solutions, and thoughtful little ideas pouring out of my brain.

I love giving gifts, thoughtful, appropriate, wow-factor gifts. I’m the kind of gift giver that searches for the perfect gift. I make a mental note of your passing comment about a specific want or need and then present it to you six months later when I draw your name in the holiday gift exchange. It gives me a natural high when someone tells me they use my gift all the time, or the ultimate success, that they have given the same gift to other friends. I’m odd this way.

I gave myself the goal of having the book done by the end of the summer but let’s be reasonable I have three kids and I wasn’t putting life on hold so my 90 days stretched into a year. But I never lost momentum, I kept moving forward. And the cost? So far the design for this blog and the cost for the photos in the book is all I’m out, so I did pretty well on that account.

I believe a baby is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate. There’s a whole lot more to the bliss story but that’s what a blog is for, right? I hope you’ll stay tuned.

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