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it’s a movement | gift cotton

month 5 - cotton


I’ve been surprised and delighted in the last few weeks as I bump into friends (& friends of friends) who mention that they bought my book and started gifting bliss to loved ones. And for those of you who have listened, encouraged me and offered constructive feedback for getting the word out about bliss, I’m so grateful. Thank you for embracing my original gifting concept.

I wrote the Bliss guide to pass on my family tradition and I hope you will make it your own!  But I have a lofty goal. I always imagined that writing the guide to bliss was just the beginning of getting the ball rolling. My ultimate wish is that one day gifting bliss for pregnancy will be as common as a baby shower and that women who have never heard of me or my book will be gifting bliss. Bliss is not a book, it’s an idea… it’s a movement!

And it’s in this line of thinking that I’ve made some changes to this website. Gift Bliss is my attempt to help make STARTING and GIFTING bliss EASY FOR YOU. Not only is this site here to promote my book but it is a RESOURCE for those of you who like the idea of bliss but feel overwhelmed with implementing the concept. Through my blog and Pinterest boards (& possible upcoming products) I’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Starting with a bunch of cotton bliss gifts! Cotton bliss gifts are given in month 5 | weeks 22-26 of pregnancy. The abundance of cotton baby items make it one of the easiest gifts to find. And the range of prices will work for any budget.


latchy catchy

As every mom knows even the best little sleeper seems to pop awake at the slightest click of their door. My first gift suggestion is small, hand-made and really reasonably priced at $9.95. The Latchy Catchy is a clever little mom-invented product that makes baby’s door nice and quiet to open and close.





Unless she’s going old-school and waiting to be surprised in the delivery room, your sister, friend or daughter will find out this month whether she’s expecting a boy or a girl. So now you can get a little more customized with your giving. But keep her own personal style in mind too, many women aren’t ready to embrace baby colors and patterns just yet.


nursing scarf

For the expectant mom who plans to nurse, I love this scarf that doubles as a nursing cover! Hold Me Close is made in the USA and at the $20 price point makes an easy and stylish cotton bliss gift for mom.










If your friend is expecting her second or third child and already has much of the major gear, a car seat slip cover is an inspired gift idea. Big brother’s car seat can get a girlish makeover and mom will get raves as she totes baby around town in a chic fabric covered ride. Chubby Baby is an Etsy shop that offers these covers in a wide range of fabric from $40-65.


hospital gown

And for the ultimate pampering give your expectant daughter a thoughtful, custom-made hospital gown from Annie & Isabel. The nurse, sisters who founded the company discovered that the generic hospital gown was often a patient’s number one complaint. In one of these beautifully designed creations (that cover the backside) she will look good and in turn, feel good!

Here a bunch more lovely cotton items to gift bliss … and it’s not just inspiration, you can click and purchase any one of these products. I told you I was trying to make it easy for you! I can also assure you that non of my opinions are paid for. Friends are always asking me for gift ideas and these are simply the cool items that I’m happy to share with anyone who is looking for a creative idea.


cotton toy

diaper covers

maternity fashion






























I hope you’re having fun giving bliss gifts and remember, if you need more ideas and inspiration, I’m here for you! Check out our Pinterest boards and pass it on, it’s a movement folks!