“I will always remember my first bliss gift. It was a great surprise and made me feel taken care of by my friends.”

JILL   > > >  Jake & Nate’s mom


“The bliss package with lotion could not have come at a better time… I can confidently tell you that I’m carrying a moose! I absolutely love the idea and the personalization of it all. It’s been great fun!”

JAMIE  > > >  expectant mom, San Fransico


“Receiving bliss for my first pregnancy provided checkpoints along the way during a time of great anticipation.

But receiving bliss during the next pregnancies was all the more special because they didn’t get as much attention and every mom wants each baby to be unique.”

JOLENE  > > >  mom to Maggie, Clara & Alice


“One of my dearest friends blessed me with this gift series when I was pregnant and I was so deeply touched by it.

I did the same for my sister-in-law. She said it made her pregnancy feel special even in the midst of the toddler chaos around her.”

LAURA  > > >  Madison & Brooklyn’s mom


“While most of the gifts you get at showers are all about the baby, bliss gifts felt more about me and about someone sharing in my journey leading up to the birth of the baby.

I can still remember each bliss gift I was given when I was pregnant with my first son, almost seven years ago.”

PATTY  > > >  mom to Charlie, Maggie & Oliver


“My favorite bliss gifts are the love spoons we were given for each of our children. I placed the spoons above their doors and they always prompt me to say a little prayer. They feel like an heirloom piece, so beautiful and unique.”

JENN  > > >  mother to Jack, Kate, Charlie & Lucy




“Having Hava come speak to our MOPS group was a meeting we won’t forget. She not only encouraged our moms with stories about motherhood but related to us on a personal level and empowered us to be ourselves, bravely. She recognized the blessings and hardships we each face as moms.

As she spoke about her book Bliss, we could all relate to the importance of walking along side each other in this incredible journey of pregnancy by being intentional and caring. What a great reminder! We hope to have Hava come again in the future and highly recommend her to anyone looking for an inspiring guest speaker!”

HEATHER  > > >  MOPS coordinator

“Our guest speaker this morning (Hava) was so inspiring. The stories about her family made me feel empowered, like what I am doing matters.”



“Fabulous Speaker today! Thank you for finding her.”