welcome to summer

1003252_10201174862754946_1515641284_nThe last day of school is the best day of school, or so my sons like to sing.

While there are many great ideas out there showcasing easy and thoughtful end-of-the-year gifts for teachers like this or this, I thought I’d share one of my mini milestone family traditions.

The last day of school is a big deal and the kids deserve a pat on the back (we do too, but that’s another post). I can’t help but celebrate the begining and ending of each school year. And I’m compelled, as a gift giver, to acknowledge everyone’s hard work and the start off summer with a fun gift!

When my boys come down to the breakfast table on the last day of school they find a few items to celebrate the begining of summer. This year I’m giving them bubble wands, water balloons and good quality super soaker water guns. I’ve tried the cheep, dollar store version and they’re just no good. I’m also adding the girl into the mix this year with a beach ball, cute bandaids (like stickers for 3 yr olds) and a pink bubble wand all her own. Other items I’ve given over the years include:

  • sidewalk chalk
  • sand/beach toys
  • coloring books/puzzels (for road trips)
  • pool toys
  • playing cards
  • sunglasses
  • new swim suits (sometimes I just give them stuff I was planning to get anyway)

Little family traditions like this strengthen our family bond, enrich our lives and create fun childhood memories. I know my kids look forward to this little milestone as they tuck another year of school under their belts and welcome summer.



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